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Hello again!

Recently, I came across this deleted scene from King Arthur on 'youtube', where Bors talks of his children and Gawain complains about the weather. It now makes certain things much clearer to me in both the film and the fandom. I'm mad that it's not on my DVD.

After scouting around a bit, I've read that there's an extra 15-20 minutes of deleted footage (plus other DVD 'extras') on the American/Region 1 DVD. Is this true?

I'm willing to order in the Region 1 DVD if it is true, but I don't want to waste my money if not!

Thank you! :)
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I will check my DVD :) ;)
btw-I'm starting to upload some music for you-do you have the KA soundtrack or do you want me to upload it?
Thank you!

No, I don't! I have one track someone sent me a long time ago (about 11 minutes long, I don't know what it's called- possibly "Woad to Ruin"?) but I don't own the rest of the CD. I would love it if you could upload it for me -- I adore soundtracks! Thanks a bunch! :)
you're welcome,dear..I'll do my know..I've got tones of music from people I can never pay I "pay it back" by doing for other people what they did for me :)
Music karma, heh? Yes, I guess that works, since I have sent people music before too without getting anything back at the time. :)
*nods* :) I always get back something..but sometimes not from the people I've sent something:) I think it's alright:)
Yes, I think so too. It all works out in the end and I enjoy being able to share stuff with people. :)