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Mads Mikkelsen

I met Mads Mikkelsen last Saturday (1st September) at the London Film and Comic Convention and he also gave a questions-and-answers talk. Most questions were related around his role in Casino Royale, but some people asked about King Arthur, so I thought I'd post what I remember from his replies (I was a little teeny weeny bit excited, so I may have forgotten his exact words) here to spread the joy and knowledge. :)

What was his favourite memory of making KA?
Mads said it was just all of them being on the horses. He'd never ridden before and he said they kept waiting for them to all fall off. But, he continued, after 8 hours a day on the horses, you soon got used to it so that by the end, they would just be sitting around, as natural as can be, smoking on the horse during their breaks. He also said that they all just had a great time - it was great to work with the other actors, some of which were already stars, some of which were rising names, but that they were all really friendly and got on well.

The hawk:
When asked about dealing with the hawk, he said: "The problem was, that the hawk didn't like the horse - and the horse didn't like the hawk. Which meant, most of the time, I was sitting like this -- " *right hand with reins held out in front of him, left hand with hawk held out behind him, jerking around in his seat* (It gave us all good laughs!)

His sword fights -- did he have a double, was it hard, choreography, etc:
Apparently, he wasn't supposed to have any sword fights in the movie! But he said "I had this really cool sword, so we just started banging around, like the boys here [referring to the Mediaeval Total War Tournament] and I'd done some martial arts when I was a kid, so... they decided to leave it in". The same, apparently, happened with his longer, "better" fight on the extended end version.

When asked about his relationships with producers/directors:
From the sounds of things, he - and others - were not best pleased with Jerry Bruckheimer (producer of KA). Apparently, with Casino Royale, the producers were there all the time, getting you coffees and checking you were feeling at home and things, but they barely saw Jerry Bruckheimer. Although Mads said he was a nice man, he "pulled the strings" and made things happen without actually being there. The impression Mads gave was that they weren't particularly happy with this, but there you go. Apparently, it came as a surprise to Mads that the film was released at the reduced rating of PG-13, as it was meant to be much higher.

Unfortunately, that was about all the info on KA! :( As I mentioned, most of the talk revolved around Casino Royale. Still, I hope you enjoy those little tidbits!
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