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Lancelot/Guinevere Wallpapers

Hi everyone :)

A bit of introduction: I put off watching this movie for the longest time because I had heard that they completely cut out the Lancelot/Guinevere relationship (my whole reason for being an Arthurian legend fan), but the other day it was on TV so I caught parts of it. Definitely left my Lance/Gwen shipper heart unsatisfied, but to my pleasant surprise, there is a bit more of them on the Director's Cut DVD, and in those brief moments they still made me a shipper. Haha. The looks between them spoke volumes, and they really were so much alike. I felt like had certain events not transpired, they could have been explored realistically in a sequel of some sort. But alas...

Anyway, I bring you a couple of Lancelot/Guinevere wallpapers...

1024 x 768

1024 x 768

There are some more here if you are interested. :)
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